Everything you can do in ChatGPT, and more... at scale!

Start using the Bulk Publishing System today!

  • Scale everything you do in ChatGPT
  • Use this system to 100x your output.

 This is the system that got me to

1 Million Pageviews In 18 Months 🔥


I went from 0 - 796K sessions and 1M page views in 18 months while testing and tweaking this system.

I wanted to explore Programmatic SEO but I had no knowledge of Python. So I came up with a way to work with multiple cells and datasets to scale my content fast!

I integrated AI into this method and discovered a whole new way of making and scaling blog content and soon realised it could be used to scale any type of digital content.

ChatGPT Is Powerful - But Labour Intensive!

I would never have been able to grow and scale my site this fast manually writing, editing and formatting posts using Jasper or ChatGPT.

The spreadsheet has allowed me and over 400 other site owners to scale content both fast and efficiently with a 1000 words of content costing less than 25 cents!

"But I Don't Trust Google Search Traffic; Those Updates Are Ridiculous"

I hear you say...

I am glad I started scaling my email list for this site when I did. And grew it to >10,000 active readers within 6 months.

Yes, you can scale your newsletters, too! ✅

The function =GETNEWSLETTER takes your keyword or topic and generates a highly engaging email in a first person style - ready for you to adjust and tweak!

How About Scaling Outreach and Followups? 👀



If you want to make strides in SEO today, you need to put your resources to work.

Training your team or virtual assistant on this single tool will feel like hitting a productivity goldmine! 

Scale Your Social Media Content

While I am sure you have been having a blast with what you can do in ChatGPT, especially with the implementation of Dalle-3 combined with GPT-4

Did you know, you can scale all of your Dalle-3 tasks, too?

The Bulk Publishing System V3
 has two awesome functions to help with this:



Use GPT-4 to analyse your keywords, outlines or any other cell data and craft descriptive prompts that encapsulates it.

It will then generate vertical Pinterest Pins or blog featured images at scale!

This course is closed for enrollment.



You will need:

  1. An Open.AI API Key (You can find your API key at https://beta.openai.com), Open AI gives you $18 worth of free credits which goes a long way for testing, but if you hope to publish hundreds of articles keep this in mind and set your usage cap if need be.
  2. (Optional) SERPStack API Key - used for scraping SERP data and using AI to manipulate the raw SERP data in a single output. You can test the function with a Free Serpstack account (1000 API calls)